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07 December, 2012

London Solo Trip #10 Nightmare on Wheels

The bus ride itself was depressingly eventful to say the least. At 5pm, we passengers were ushered to the boarding area to wait for the driver. We waited and waited but the bus driver was no where to be seen, until we alerted one of the station supervisors. So the bus left Victoria station more than 30 minutes late. Then when I was about to fall asleep on the bus, two brothers from Spain sitting on opposite side of my chair started mixing drinks in the bus (they were not supposed to bring alcohol on board). After a few shots of Red Bull mixed with Vodka, both of them started singing English songs very loudly with a thick European accent. A few more shots and one of them started screaming at a lady sitting behind me, taunting her with a bunch of vulgarities. It was only a matter of time before something bad happens.

Roughly an hour into our journey, the screaming man got up from his seat while holding his Vodka bottle and began to assault a young African man who was sleeping. The poor man tried his best to hold the obviously drunk man, both struggling while the drunk man continued to shout profanities. Soon another man came to assist and somehow managed to get the drunk man to settle back in his seat. Just when those two got back to their seats as well, the drunk man started taking off his clothes and also began to vomit all over. The bus driver stopped at the nearest motorway service station soon after he found out about the incident.
Remnants of the havoc!
By now the drunk man was almost down to his boxers and covered in vomit. Once again, he got up from his seat and began taunting the same African man again, this time throwing him a punch at his face. His brother who was finally sober immediately tried to control him while the bus driver called the police. Within minutes, the police arrived to arrest the two brothers and treat the wound on the poor African man's face. We were stuck there for more than an hour waiting for the police to complete their arrest and also for a replacement bus to arrive.
I finally arrived at Buchanan Bus Station at 4.45am. I never knew I would be so glad to be back in Glasgow.


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