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27 November, 2012

London Solo Trip #2 Let's Go!

My first destination was not to visit, it was to sleep!!!
My journey starts on the final day of my final exam. Almost immediately after the paper, I had that excitement flowing through me, the feeling that I would be going on a long trip to an unknown place that somehow I knew so well. I got all my tickets and hostel confirmation printed. In addition, I printed a few maps, some were redundant like the tube map which was available for free at all stations while some were motivating like the bus route map. My mentality throughout this trip was similar to my Edinburgh trip previously, use as little resources to see and experience as much as possible. For a 4 days 3 nights trip, I only brought a basic bagpack and a small slingbag. I always through clothes were the bulky part of luggage, but ever since my experience from the Edinburgh trip, I learnt to roll my clothes up to save space for other more bulky items such as the water bottle and the lunch box. I even made a list of things to bring systematically:
Just thought it would be easier to visualise with a diagram.
  • Lunch box containing an unopened "poptop" can of tuna (emergency food)
  • 1.5L water bottle
  • Camera, phone and their chargers
  • Earphone
  • Japanese slippers
  • 3 way power adapter
  • 4 sets of clothes (blue for Chelsea day and red for Arsenal day)
  • Emergency cash
  • Bag of sandwiches for bus journey
An experience of a lifetime... I didn't say it was a good one!
The Megabus from Glasgow to London was an experience by itself. I booked a 4am bus from Buchanan Station knowing that it would be a 10 hour journey, so my ETA at London Victoria Station was 2pm. To be honest, I totally regretted that 4am deal, but the only consolation was that the ticket only cost £5, so I can't really complain. First of all, travelling in a bus for 10 hours was worst than I thought it would be. My longest travelling experience at that point was my plane ride from Dubai to Glasgow, which took 7 hours 20 minutes. The claustrophobia of a bus didn't become as apparent until I tried to sleep. Which bring me to the next issue, daylight. I was totally unaware that the glaring sun at 5am along the A74 during early summer was so annoying for me to sleep. I mentioned earlier that I printed a map of the bus journey and it functioned like the map they show on the screen in a plane to note the progress and help predict the time of arrival. To sum it up, it was atrocious.
You don't know how happy I was to see this
Finally when the bus stopped at London Victoria Station, the first thing I did was to get an Oyster card and travel to the hostel just to lie down. I had no mood to admire the tube, Victoria Station or Piccadilly Circus, all I wanted at that time was to close my eyes for an hour or two on a comfortable bed. The Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel is located just a stone throw away from Piccadilly Circus, just 150m away. So getting to and from the tube station was very convenient. The hostel is quite old, but in a good way because the art on the walls and ceiling somehow creates an appreciation for London of the past. I got to shut my eyes at 3.30pm after having a light meal and settling in the room.

The next post will be the start of my walking tour of London Soho.


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