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29 November, 2012

London Solo Trip #5 Cannonball Run

St Pancras looks so grand from the outside!!!
There was a long day ahead of me. I planned it to cover 5 items in one day and somehow managed to squeeze in one more at a last minute.

  1. Visit King's Cross/St Pancras Station.
  2. Visit Emirates Stadium.
  3. Explore Camden Town Markets. (added later)
  4. Go for Sandemans London Free Tour.
  5. Transfer luggage from Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel to Malaysian Hall.
  6. Have Nasi Lemak for dinner.
If you are wondering, this is from episode 81.
My first stop was actually an after thought as well because the Piccadilly line goes straight to Arsenal station and I didn't need to stop there until later. Personally I am not a Harry Potter fan, I have only completed one book (The Chamber of Secrets) and watched two movies of the franchise. However I am a Running Man fan and when they mentioned Platform 9¾ in King's Cross station, I had to visit it. That stop gave me a look at two railway stations at once, King's Cross station (built 1852) and St Pancras International (built 1868). Despite their history, both stations have a modern interior and maintains a classic exterior.
almost... almost...
Next is Emirates Stadium. Actually before leaving the hostel, I had a chat with a few friendly hostel staff about my travel plans of the day. If I remember correctly, he mentioned that many people told him that they got lost there because when they asked for directions at the ticket counter, the attendant always think they were looking for the old Arsenal Highbury Stadium. He also mentioned that there were little to no signs around the Arsenal Station to guide tourists around, so he took out his pen and drew a simple map for me just in case I couldn't find my way around. At the time I entered the stadium, the tour guide was not available but instead they had those electronic guidance device as replacement. They also reduced the entrance fee for the stadium + museum from £17.50 to £10. Even for a non-Gooner like me, it was worth the experience.
Nothing much to add here that hasn't been said.
Drayton Park entrance with the huge sign.
There weren't many tourists around at that time, so I took my own sweet time exploring the stadium, the Armoury, Drayton Park entrance and the museum. The Armoury store worker was so bored that we had a chat for quite a long time. Remember I mentioned that Camden Market was a later addition? I only spent roughly 2 hours in Emirates Stadium area and there was still time before the 1pm tour starts, so I traveled to Camden Town for lunch.
Camden High Street is souvenir heaven!
Camden Town is one of those places that are normally not on most London tour itineraries because there are other more famous markets in London like Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill and Covent Garden Market. To me, Camden Town is a must see especially for those looking for souvenirs because this little town has a total of 5 markets and all of them are within walking distance. Besides that, there is also a working lock along Regent's Canal and rows of old motorcycle arranged for tourists to eat while enjoying the view of the Camden Lock. The food in that area are mostly foreign
Interesting seats...
The lock is very small, but I was surprised when a driver managed to operate and maneuver his boat house through it.
After a heavy Pakistani lunch, I realised I didn't have much time left till the free tour starts at Hyde Park Corner. So for the first time in my solo trip, I ran like a crazy person to the Camden Town station, changed to the Piccadilly line at Leicester Square station and arrived at Hyde Park Corner just in time for the tour to begin.

I'll continue with that in the next part.


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