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28 November, 2012

London Solo Trip #4 Bright Evening

London during early summer is probably the best time to walk around and visit famous sights around the city because the sun only starts to set at 8-9pm, so tourist can spend almost the whole day walking around in wonderful weather rather than hiding at the hotel during the evening during winter. For me, it wasn't very good though because I was more interested in seeing the Palace of Westminster and London Eye with their lights on, which does not happen till 10-11pm, when it was dark. I mentioned in #1 that the Malaysian Hall has a curfew at 11pm, so being at Westminster Bridge for a decent night view and rushing back before the curfew is impossible. Fortunately the Piccadilly Backpackers Hostel does not have a curfew and I had to seize that opportunity to get the scenery I wanted.

My first reaction was... WOW!!!
After finishing dinner at Soho Joe, I took the tube to Westminster station and at first I was disoriented by all the iconic building appearing around me. I took dozens of pictures of the Tower, the Eye and the Thames. Somehow it didn't satisfy me while the sun was still blazing in the sky. So instead of waiting there, I started walking down Victoria Embankment admiring the South Bank until I reached Hungerford Bridge. Then I had the strange idea of walking across the Thames via the Golden Jubilee Bridge to the "Festival zone" which includes the Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall. I felt like I was walking in the footsteps of legends at this area because the Royal Festival Hall is where the London Philharmonic Orchestra recorded the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.
The sun was finally setting!!!
The Woman in Black and The Dictator were premiered here.
What followed was another long walk to Trafalgar Square along Northumberland Avenue, then back to Westminster Bridge through Whitehall. I know it may seem like just around 2km, but consider the amount of walking I had for the day, it was quite tiring and I was exhausted by the time I got back to Westminster Bridge to catch a glimpse of the Thames when it was all dark. I still got all the photos I wanted, without me in them obviously.
Just in case you didn't already know, this was months before the Olympic Games
Awesome view man!!!
Wow! I even got a zooming double decker bus in the picture!
I returned to Piccadilly after all the excitement and was again welcomed by another night view of Piccadilly Circus before I walked back to the hostel. I had a nice hot shower and revised my itinerary using my new tube map for the next day. Another funny thing to mention is that the men's toilet/bathroom at the hostel had no railings or any form of hook in the shower room, which also doesn't have a door but a semi-transparent shower curtain instead. So I had no where to place my clothes and I was fortunate enough to be the only person in the bathroom at that time. Believe me when I say that it was a terrible place to be in the morning. I was there to brush my teeth and it was filled with naked dudes having their morning shower... not a pretty sight at all! Luckily I was moving to the Malaysian Hall the next day!
I didn't expect the night to be so bright!

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